"one, two, three, four, i declare actual war."

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no more runnin’. i aim to misbehave.

my loyalties are with s c i e n c e .

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Pretty Deadly Fan art. Digital Watercolour.

Between Firefly and this amazing book, I may have to reconsider my everlasting hatred for the western genre…

Whatever Emma Ríos draws, whatever Kelly Sue DeConnick writes, get it. NOW.

(BTW Kelly Sue DeConninck is amazing, in case you haven´t noticed already)

PS: As some people have asked, I will make it clear, NO, this image WILL NOT be available on my print store, as it is a creator owned series.

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"Where are you based?"

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"Are you my Mummy?" | 1x10, 4x05, 8x08

agents of shield re-watch: 1x03
the asset — "Hoping for something and losing it hurts more than never hoping for anything.




Hayley Atwell laying waste to the Agent Carter set: A Timeline

One woman wrecking crew

I want to marry this woman.