fight like a girl

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Wolverine by Louie De Martinis

One Lyric Per Song:
Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled
byTessa Violet [x/x]
Song 1/11: Just Right
"You are the best, the battery pounding in my chest.
If we’re playing space and we have to dock,
You will be my Kirk, I will be your Spock.
You’re the bee’s knees, a sunny day with a cool breeze,
You’re the night time drive in my favorite tee,
Please will you marry me?”

"Shut up."

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Avengers Assemble!

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All my MTMT pieces are in my drafts and ready to go. I’ll try to publish them every other day starting tomorrow.

Ugh, I just wanted to queue up some stuff for tomorrow, but my laptop starts freaking out as soon as I open Firefox. So that’s not happening.


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